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The National Bestselling Book
The Art of Business

"I absolutely loved, and love it, even now, as I think about it, as I feel into its extraordinary grace. Simple, profound, wide as the subject of business is, subtle not, practical as a Swiss army knife, as meaningful as an epiphany, as inspirational as one’s first glance at the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge. If you love a great love story, adventure story … you will be astonished by this book."

Michael Gerber, Bestselling Author
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Strategy can be a baffling subject to a lot of people, but with the current war in Iraq, the Presidential election at stake, and business crises like Enron and Worldcom, a lot more people are taking another look at strategy and what it means.

Can a well thought out strategy prevent international crises or give a more logical perspective to electing the leader of the free world? Does a good strategy prevent business leaders from shamelessly stealing from their company?

Sun Tzu, the acknowledged ancient master of strategy and author of the classic Art of War, would definitely say "Yes"! He outlined five strategic arts that, when taken together, create a simple formula that can be applied to any situation to create win-win solutions:

Do the right thing, and then do things right.

Doing the right thing means choosing a goal that matters, a goal that makes a positive difference in the world, and then achieving that goal with impeccable leadership. When you do the right thing, you want to make a difference in the world, not just make a buck, and leads to peace of mind. It leads to people and corporations with soul, the opposite of the Enrons of the world.

Doing things right means knowing how to get to where you want to go-fast! You can't make a difference in the world if you stay ahead of your competitors. Doing things right means being ready for the future, leveraging everything in your environment, and being ready to act at even the smallest window of opportunity. Doing things right leads to success and profitability.

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