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Kudos for Art of Business

"This book is an inspirational revelation
and a seminal contribution."

HERB KELLEHER, Chairman, Southwest Airline

"I absolutely loved, and love it, even now, as I think about it, as I feel into its extraordinary grace. Simple, profound, wide as the subject of business is, subtle not, practical as a Swiss army knife, as meaningful as an epiphany, as inspirational as one’s first glance at the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge. If you love a great love story, adventure story … you will be astonished by this book."
Michael Gerber, bestselling author of the E-Myth Series

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"It is with humility that I commend Dr. Raymond Yeh, and thank him, for writing this most important book. In Dr. Yeh’s book, every example, every story speaks of lokahi—a Hawaiian word for balance and harmony of life."
—Earl Bakken, Co-founder, Medtronic

"This book is timeless!"
—Red McCombs, Chairman, McCombs Enterprises; Owner, Minnesota Vikings

"At its heart, this is a book that attempts to marry a spiritual dimension with commerce, which may make some uneasy. To his enormous credit, Yeh succeeds: He revisits lionized companies - how many management books don't talk about Dell or Wal-Mart? - and by interviewing executives and distilling their methods, gives us a new way to view and measure their success. This is a wise, eminently readable and important book."
--Financial Executives International Magazine

"In this brilliant book, Raymond Yeh talks about what really matters—the soul and spirit of business."
—Gary E. Hoover, Founder, Hoover’s, Inc., and author, Hoover’s Vision

"This book is an elegant and insightful masterpiece."
—Barry Munitz, President and CEO, J. Paul Getty Foundation

"The Art of Business goes beyond the Peters & Waterman classic In Search of Excellence. Utilizing a new prism forged by merging Eastern and Western concepts of business and life, Yeh sheds light on why great organizations are great. And the result is so, so refreshing...and so good."
—Robert Ronstadt, DBA., Vice President of Technology Commercialization, Boston University

"I can confidently say that military leaders can benefit as much as those in the world of business from this outstanding and highly readable treatise."
—Alan B. Salisbury, Ph.D., Major General, USA (Ret.), Chairman, Avilar Technologies

Recent Kudos

Although I have worked in many companies most of my life, I have never fit into what appears to me to be a corporate mind set that not only doesn't reward intelligence, creativity, or speaking out but, in fact, punishes those who are out of the box thinkers. The dog-eat-dog corporate mentality in the U.S. goes completely against everything I believe and who I am. The typical negotiating style of "to win somebody's got to lose" goes against my integrity and is the opposite of how people can really express their full humanity. The separation between a personal and professional self is another mindset with which I have had much difficulty and this has left me feeling isolated, a bit crazy and definitely had financial repercussions.
While I've heard of such companies as Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Costco, Southwest Airlines and a few others who practice business quite differently, I have never seen any coherent, intelligent writing that pulled everything together, especially within a spiritual context. In reading The Art of Business, I finally feel that I have come home not only to find companies that practice business in the most human and intelligent way possible, but I also feel it has made me come home to myself.  
The book very clearly lays out the strategies for success that have made certain companies great, created atmospheres where people (and their families) thrive and grow and are rewarded for the very same things that in most companies people are fired for. This book has helped me to remember and affirm who I really am. It also confirms everything I believe in as a human being and clearly shows that there are, in fact, companies where people who are creative, innovate, intelligent and team players are rewarded and respected. The combination of the business acumen that is explained in great detail and the spiritual basis for how to create a nurturing environment where people flourish, has given me renewed hope that there are new paradigms where people are can express their true selves and also succeed financially.   
I am very grateful to the authors for their exhaustive research, intelligent, easy to read presentation and bringing the Tao philosophy not only to the forefront of the book but also providing it as the anchor upon which true success is based.

- Madeline Goldstein

More Kudos

"It is with humility that I commend Dr. Raymond Yeh, and thank him, for writing this most important book, The Art of Business. As an engineer and past corporate executive, I am well grounded in Western thought and practice (science or high-tech), yet my life’s path has led me into the realms of Eastern philosophies and indigenous spiritual practices (cultural wisdom or high-touch). Perhaps the most important lesson of all is one that my life in Hawaii continues to teach me. That is the importance of balance in life—of honoring wholeness, mind-body-spirit-nature-community in harmony, whether it is in an individual or an organization. Of tempering the brilliance of looking into the future that science and research promises us, with an open heart that listens to the subtle whisperings of Ancient wisdom passed on by our ancestors. In Hawaii, this balance and harmony of life is known as lokahi. In Dr. Yeh’s book, every example, every story speaks of lokahi.”
—Earl E. Bakken, Co-founder, Medtronic

“Raymond Yeh has done it again. If you thought Zero Time was good, The Art of Business is great!”
—Jim Botkin, Ph.D., Chairman, InnerCALL

“The Art of Business is a major contribution to understanding the world of business. It brings together lessons related to vision, timing and the future, continuous learning, the importance of the customer, and leadership. It is a great effort by the authors to weave, under one theoretical umbrella, important lessons from outstanding leaders of the world.”
—John Sibley Butler, Professor, McCombs Graduate School of Business and Director, IC2 Institute, the University of Texas at Austin

“Reading The Art of Business allowed me, for the first time, to understand the wisdom behind Sun Tzu’s ‘Five fundamental arts of strategy’. The story format utilized by the author greatly simplifies the task of interpretation for these complex principles. I strongly recommend this book as a required reading for CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs.”
—Augustine Y. Cheung, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, Celsion Corporation

“Dr. Raymond Yeh writes clearly, joyfully and brilliantly about the ‘soul’ of organizations and the vision of their leaders. While providing us with a practical guide to nurturing a successful business, he shares with us true stories that read like novels with larger-than-life heroes, and offers us the freedom to become heroes ourselves.”
—Margo Dover, President, Business Connection Catalyst

“Today’s business practitioner and student focuses on the ‘how’ of business, not the ‘why.’ That’s why people from the best business schools create monsters like Enron. In this brilliant book, Raymond Yeh talks about what really matters—the soul and spirit of business. It’s about time!”
—Gary E. Hoover, Founder, Hoover’s, Inc., and author, Hoover’s Vision

“The concepts presented in The Art of Business as with The Art of War help format the foundation and basic principles necessary to build any significant, successful organization.”
—Stephen H. Hochschuler, MD, Chairman, Texas Back Institute

“As one of the many successful American entrepreneurs in the footsteps of giants—from laundry to banking—I find Dr. Yeh’s The Art of Business most fascinating and most enlightening. It’s a must read for those interested in improving or expanding their businesses or to become a giant.”
—Henry Hwang, Chairman, Rock- Asia and Founder, Far East National Bank

“Using a fascinating blend of studies of important businesses, and incorporating timeless insights from their leaders as well as Oriental sages, Raymond Yeh provides us a wealth of wisdom and guidance for successfully conducting business in the 21st century.
These insights will enable us to more successfully interrelate with and manage relationships among employees, shareholders, customers and the many other constituencies of business in a fair and appropriate manner, leading to the competitive advantage in an environment of accelerating change and increasing expectations.
More importantly, the lessons embodied in The Art of Business even more broadly apply directly to the ‘The Art of Life.’ This book is full of knowledge and experiences presented in a thoughtful and intriguing way.”
—Cordell W. Hull, Former CFO and Director (retired), Bechtel Group

The Art of Business is aptly titled. Ray and Stephanie Yeh combine their wise heads, warm hearts, and surpassing understanding to reveal that success in business and life is an ‘art’, not solely the product of a mechanistic, statistically quantifiable application of science. Their profound insight into the ways, not just the means, of successful undertakings is holistic in nature and exalts the importance of the mental and spiritual over that of the purely material. In my opinion, their book is an inspirational revelation and a seminal contribution.”
—Herb Kelleher, Chairman, Southwest Airlines

“In a global marketplace where international competition and domestic culture blur to create dynamic, kaleidoscopic environments, The Art of Business provides new tools and unique insights for both strategic positioning and operational decision making. By linking theory and practice, applying classic truths of human behavior to modern examples of real-world companies, and drawing on his remarkable cross-cultural experiences, Dr. Raymond Yeh enables managers to learn and apply key principles of success. This book is a great read.”
—Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Ph.D., Managing Director, Smith Barney/Citigroup, Former President, The Geneva Companies

“In my experience of working in many different countries, including Germany, England, Libya, Korea, and the U.S., I have found that there are no major differences among different business environments if we know how to deal with the people. Dr. Yeh’s previous book Zero Time focused on management skills. The Art of Business tells us what to aim for in doing business. The great people in business share the common trait of being able to read and move people correctly.”
—Sung Lee, former President, Samsung Austin Semiconductor

“The founders of GSD&M have long embraced The Art of War, compiled well over two thousand years ago by a mysterious Chinese warrior-philosopher, as a powerful philosophy of business. Raymond Yeh’s The Art of Business confirms our belief that business is a war for consumers’ minds and hearts. I suspect it is no coincidence that the cover of Ray’s book depicts the ancient symbol for Tao, the way. I’ve nicknamed this profound book Ray’s Way, as he is most certainly on the right path.”
—Tim McClure, Co-founder, GSD&M and President, Omnicom Group

“My first read of this book had such a positive impact that I went back to page one for my exciting re-read. This book is positive and timeless.”
—Red McCombs, Chairman, McCombs Enterprises

The Art of Business rises far above the typical business book through its use of rich historical anecdotes and literary references. Although it is deeply instructive, this book is a joy to read.
—Michele Moore, former Vice President of Corporate Communications, Dell Inc.

“The Art of Business is a pragmatic yet spiritual volume providing deep and sustainable values. At a moment when management books are appearing everyday, yet our problems grow more intense, out of a desultory pack has risen this elegant and insightful masterpiece. For all those interested in aesthetic or organizational success, these lessons regarding possibilities, timing, leverage, and mastery will remain at the core of any reader’s professional and personal values.”
—Barry Munitz, President and CEO, J. Paul Getty Foundation

“Ray Yeh is truly one of this country’s wise business leaders. The stories in The Art of Business from other wise business leaders not only will delight and amaze you, but will also enable you to think strategically!”
—Craig and Patricia Neal, Co-founders, Heartland Institute

“Raymond Yeh has given us a great gift in making the ancient teachings of Sun Tzu relevant to the practice of building successful social organizations. This is not a how-to manual but the sharing of stories of those who are engaged in creating meaning in life through collective action. Read the stories in this book as koans. They inspire deep regard for the joy of life and the knowing that we all can contribute to the building of a better future.”
—Jim Pelky, Former Chairman, Santa Fe Institute

“The next frontier in competitiveness is corporate culture. In a world where everybody and her brother are organizational development consultants, why do we have so many dysfunctional enterprises? The answer is that firms will succeed only by embracing the multi-dimensional blend of strategies Dr. Yeh proposes.
The Art of Business is a fascinating book, with engaging life stories of ‘giants’ who exemplify the Tao of organization, and with their principles for success expertly abstracted. (The figures in Chapter Four alone are worth many times the price of the book.)
You too can follow this Tao, whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a large organization. Start now, persevere with good spirit, and always refer to The Art of Business.”
—Fred Phillips, Research Professor, Oregon Health & Science University and author, The Conscious Manager: Zen for Decision Makers

“Raymond Yeh has taken the teachings of Sun Tzu to a new level of thoughtfulness and completeness. His analysis brings new meaning—in a relevant and timely fashion—to established wisdom. Any and all of us in the crazy world we live in today—should take the time and opportunity to re-focus our business and personal lives through Raymond’s fresh perspective. I commend him for his perspicacity, vision and courage and urge you to read this very fine work. The experience will make a difference in the quality of your life!”
—Pike Powers, Managing Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P., Austin, Texas

"In an age of Enron and Global Crossing, my academic colleagues, given a choice, would rather focus on the bad versus the good in organizations. Truth also be told, I’d like to tell them to 'Get a life.' But I'll settle for a more genteel response, something along the lines of: 'My dear colleagues, you've missed the point. Two points actually.' First, someone has to focus on the ‘good’ in organizations since it tends to be so systematically ignored. We need to know what to preserve, what to foster, where to center our aspirations and values. Dr. Yeh excels in this quest, on a par with the Peters & Waterman classic In Search of Excellence. But he goes beyond their treatment, which gets me to my second point. Ray Yeh isn't trying to be 'scientific' or systematic in the Western sense. What he’s achieved is a new prism forged by merging Eastern and Western concepts of business and life. He’s used that prism to shed light on great organizational achievements. And that's no small achievement. The result is so, so refreshing and so 'good.'"
—Robert Ronstadt, DBA, Vice President of Technology Commercialization, Boston University

"This book is a must read for anyone interested in a unique look at success factors for business growth, with historical accounts of business across diverse areas. While Dr. Yeh provides factual data to support his very interesting theory, his accounts of real business support for this theory makes this book extremely readable. Rarely will you find an informative business book so enjoyable to read."
—Stephen A. Szygenda, Ph.D., P.E., Dean, School of Engineering, SMU

"In The Art of Business, Raymond Yeh brings us the eternal wisdom of Sun Tzu, using stories that not only bring to life the five fundamental arts which comprise the lessons of the book, but reveal the powerful contemporary wisdom of Ray Yeh as well. To characterize this book as a ‘business book’ is to do it a great injustice. It is a guide for life and for leaders in any endeavor. As a graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, and a retired Army General with a second career in industry, I can confidently say that military leaders can benefit as much as those in the world of business from this outstanding and highly readable treatise."
—Alan B. Salisbury, Ph.D., Major General, USA (Ret), Chairman, Avilar Technologies

"Yeh writes a terrific book! Practical yet poetic, it inspires while it informs. Read it to become a better leader. Use it to build a better company."
—Ray Smilor, PhD, President, Beyster Institute/Foundation for Enterprise Development

"The Art of Business takes the reader on an unexpected spiritual journey into the world of management and successful leadership. Building on the foundation of Sun Tzu’s five fundamental arts, author Raymond Yeh tells the stories of several highly successful corporations. In each story, the keys to designing and implementing a successful corporate strategy are revealed, and in each case the role of principled, value-driven leadership is highlighted. Anyone who thought that humility, patience, and peace of mind were absent from the board rooms of today’s successful companies had better read Yeh’s important and uplifting book."
—Steadman Upham, President, Claremont Graduate University

"Managers and executives seeking to improve their leadership skills can either study the principles of leadership or explore the characteristics of successful leaders. In The Art of Business, Raymond and Stephanie Yeh integrate both approaches, together with a leavening measure of oriental wisdom. The book utilizes five ‘Arts’ to provide a structure for achieving leadership mastery. Moreover, the practical application of these Arts is effectively demonstrated by examining the characters and actions of proven leaders in a wide range of fields, including business, government, and sports. One cannot read this book without finding concepts and principles that will enhance his or her leadership potential."
—John Vanston, Chairman, Technology Futures

"The Art of Business is Insightful, analytical, inspirational, and creative—illustrated by compelling cases. This book will be required reading in my management courses."
—Ken Walters, Professor, Bothell Business Program, University of Washington

"Awesome and inspiring! The Art of Business is an enlightening, must-read for thoughtful leaders of business and government. Raymond Yeh brilliantly uses the framework of Sun Tzu’s principles to reflect his insights on the nature of man and business. The stories he tells of successful companies are fascinating and demonstrate his deep understanding and clarity of thinking. He writes with passion and purpose, engaging his readers. This book is an important and valuable contribution to contemporary management theory."
—Po Chi Wu, Ph.D., General Partner, Position Smith(TM) and CEO, Story Manager, Inc.

"Great work! Useful anecdotes for aspiring and established business leaders."
—Philip Yeo, Chairman, Economic Development Board and A*Star, Singapore




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